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We’re a boutique sourcing company with a Western management team that understands China and understands sourcing.  Our flexible business model means we can source anything from footwear to apparel to accessories and provide an end to end service.  From one idea we can develop the first prototype and help nurture that idea into a brand and then a business.  Having supplied some of the largest retailers in the world we can share our knowledge with small to medium businesses ensuring service and quality aren’t compromised for price.

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Ethical Sourcing

At Vanguard, social responsibility is a strategic sourcing requirement, we only work with suppliers that are compliant and who can provide independent certification.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the forefront of our business, thread made from recycled plastic bottles, EVA made from sugar cane and biodegradable plastic bags are just some of the products we have available to us.

Product Development

Product creation is taking an idea and coming up with a finished product. Effective and efficient product development ensures the final product is not only in line with the initial design and briefing, but meets the cost structure which in today’s market is as important as the design.

Footwear product development, sourcing and quality control
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Our focus is on delivering comfortable, great fitting products. Our philosophy is that everything starts with the last. The team of product engineers at Vanguard use experience, science and art to develop bio mechanical solutions that ensure our products offer a consistent fit each time, every time.

Quality Control

We understand that poor quality effects brand integrity and consumer confidence and ultimately profit margins.

At Vanguard we believe in “prevention rather than cure”, quality assurance begins at the start of the process, not the end. From concept to confirmation sample to pre-production, our products are analysed and tested each step of the way.

Our quality assurance technicians follow your product from the materials arriving all the way through to the cartons being packed. Our team is here to protect your brand and product, ensuring your peace of mind.

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